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Life is extraordinary. Filled with so many twists, turns, and bumps in the road. So many beautiful mysteries. Time, for one, is a mystery right under our noses. The way we have been raised to perceive time is no where near the actual scientific, and fundamental way time truly functions. Then theres the question of time travel. Then again, it's all relative.

We all know that time is essentially a "measurable" period between when one moment occurred, until the next moment occurs. We have created many systems with which to measure time with, such as clocks, and calendars. Yet no one can seem to find a clear, and direct answer to what time really is. It's not something we can see with our eyes, grab, hear, smell, or taste. Time completely eludes our senses. Isn't it peculiar that we revolve our entire existance around time, but we haven't truly grasped its makeup? We all experience time in a similar fashion. We use time to create routines for ourselves, but what if we could alter time? What if we could make time go by faster, or slower? What if we could time travel? How fluid is time?

Think back to a situation that seemed to go on forever. You look at the clock, and it says its 2:30. It seems like 30 minutes has gone by, so you look at the clock again. It's now 2:35! How is it that when you find yourself wanting time to speed up, it seems to slow down? Perception has everything to do with our experience of time. Which is why when you're enjoying yourself time appears to speed up, and we say, "Wow, time flew by!" Which goes to show that time as a function is not as static as one might think. Exactly how fluid is time, and how drastic can we alter our perception of time? Can we alter it enough to experience time travel?

We've all watched Marty Mcfly travel back in time in the popular movie, "Back to the Future". So as a whole, we have most likely fantasied about time travel ourselves. However, we are aware of the fact that time is irreversible. Meaning that when an action is done we can't undo that action. Therefore most scientists will tell you that we, in fact, can not go back in time into the past. Still, that doesn't mean that we can't travel into the future, we're traveling there right now!! We are in yesterday's future, and currently traveling into tomorrow, the future of today! Which brings up the point that if we were somehow traveling into the past, it would suddenly be the future from our point of existence. So if it were possible, we would yet still be traveling into the future, just in an alternate direction. This is due to the fact that we perceive time as one event after another. So to truly be able to travel into the past we'd have to experience time, and events backwards! Almost like when we rewind a tape, and what fun would that be? I mean obviously if you went back into an event that did occur in your past, you would know it was a past event, and therefore you would perceive it as traveling back into the past. Unfortunately we haven't had a realistic, scientific breakthrough of being able to do so in this dimensional existence. 

Remember, time isn't something that is happening to us, it isn't making us grow old. We aren't even experiencing the passing of time. Time is merely a measurement of the moments we experience. Which is why with that information I can, for now, conclude that time travel is highly unlikely within this specific physical dimension with our current inventions.

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