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Don't you dare shine brighter than the rest. Don't you dare feel good about your appearance. If you do, you'll be harshly judged, put down, and condemed....

These are the thoughts instilled within your mind from the muggles of the world that too, have been cast into the flames of hate. It isn't normal to go around hurting people. It's only the hurt that find it to be so.

If you shine too bright standing next to them, their dullness becomes far more aparent. And, they can't have that. They'll do whatever it takes to knock you down, and keep you down, just as they too once were. They want to keep you coloring in the lines, like so many generations before. They arm themselves with cruel words, nasty glares, and project their negativity onto you ever so slightly. They feel no empathy, nor do they sympathize with you. If they, for any reason, decide they don't like you, you become a tiny mouse between their sharp claws. You're no longer human, and your feelings are no longer valid. You're lower than the scum beneath their shoe. Or at least that's how they make you feel. 

We live in a world where if you show insecurity, you're labled as damaged. If you walk in confidence, and admire your looks, you're vain. You'll never be good enough in the eyes of those that seek to tear you down. They want to dim your angelic light that blinds them.

I say SPARKLE!!! Throw some glitter around!! Shine brighter than the sun itself. Be the great indiviual you were born to be, even if all the world hates you. As long as you approve of yourself you'll be untouchable. 

You'll always find that, to those that truly care, you'll be more than enough. The people that want to dull you are clearly not your Soul Family. You're on a very different wavelength. Don't even try to please them. If you do, they'll steal your joy, inflict you with doubt, and criticise your every move. Stay away. Far, far away, if you can.

Knowing, trusting, and accepting yourself is your power. Draw strength from the stillness within. It alwasy helps to step outside of the situation, and become the mere observer. Once you realize that they are simply projecting their belief system onto you, coming from a limited perception, you'll have the understanding that it isn't personal, it never really was. No matter how it may appear. You see, people can only percieve in others what exist within their own mental realms.

As the creators of our own reality experience, we look out into the world through our personal lenses. These lenses are formed over time, and influenced by our unique experiences. 

The point is, when people judge us, or vice versa, the judgment is truly a reflection of the judger's lenses. So why take anything personally? It would be quite silly to do so once you understand that they, in a way, are creating their own version of you through their lenses. You no longer have to accept the definition of yourself through the outside world. You can take your power back, and start defining yourself from within, regardless of what others say. You can step into your glory, and be the untouchable star burning brightly, illuminating the dark sky. 

Shine bright my majestic stars, and sparkle into the night sky.

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