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What Life Are YOU Cooking Up?

Life is like a recipe. You get out of it what you put in. Some like it spicy, some like it sweet, but everyone wants something satisfying! Sometimes we don't have all of the ingredients we'd like to use to produce the best flavor that we desire in our life's recipe. Other times we find ourselves creating toxic combinations with what we do have. But there is one ingredient that is readily accessible to us all, and that's gratitude. This one ingredient can alter your entire recipe. 

We go through life with the ingredients that we were born with. And we might have picked a few up, dropped some off, and even exchanged some along the way. But at the end of the day you choose which ingredients to add into your dish, and which ingredients to save for another day or get rid of all together.

You are the master chef of the recipe you are constantly in the process of creating. Sometimes we lose sight of that. There are times when we deny the responsibility that comes with the power to create whatever it is we want with what we have. We get down on our luck and blame other chefs. Usually it's the chef that's closest to you that feels the heat. Until you push that chef away, and the next one, and the next one, and so on, until eventually you find yourself alone in the kitchen. At this point you are forced to look at your recipe and realize that only you have been cooking your recipe. Reality settles in, you alone are responsible for your dish. Others may influence it, admire it, or try to corrupt it, but you always have the last say. The power is always in your hands.  

Your perception also alters the flavor of your recipe. If you always look at what you have from a "lacking" mentality you'll never be grateful for what you do have. You'll compare your recipe to everyone else's and possibly grow green with envy. The simple ingredient of gratitude allows you to focus on your dish and see what it is you do appreciate about it. Understand that your dish is merely a reflection of your inner world. Everything added in your dish was something that was within you and manifested into the physical. All of your ingredients are energy vibrating at the same frequency as you are. So essentially your ingredients come from within you. If your dish is sour, then you must be a sour person. So the solution to manifesting the dish of your dreams is simple. To create an exquisite dish you yourself must be an exquisite chef!!

It may be a challenge to go from a Sour chef to a sweet one. Just remember take it one ingredient at it time. Add a little more sugar, remove some of the acidic elements and in no time your dish will be a perfect reflection of your newly found state of being! And remember a little gratitude can change the entire dish!!

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