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Each Ritual kit was made by StarFire & is charged with Divine Energy. Make sure to read the Directions before you open the kit. Also, it's best to wash your hands in between handling each candle due to the fact that they have been dressed with enchanted oils. They work best when they don't touch due to the different intentions each candle holds. 

Block Remover Ritual Kit

  • Step #1: Gather Your Supplies.

    Prosperity Ritual Kit, a candle holder, matches or a lighter, something to carve the candle with (like a pen or toothpick).

    Step #2: Carve The Intention Into The Candles.

    Black Candle: Carve all of the negative energy you want to remove or lift from your energy field, such as, "Fear, Lack Mentality, Anxiety, Insecurities, Etc."

    White Candle: Carve the energy you want to bring into your energy field, such as, "Roads Open, Abundance, Success, Freedom, Peace, Etc."

    Step #3: Script Your Intentions. On a piece of paper write down everything you want to manifest as if you already have it now. For example, "I am so grateful that I am now living my best life, I am confident, successful, and have a pleasant life... etc."

    Step #4: Call Upon Source + Your Spirit Team to aid you in the manifestation of your Desire. (meditate if you need to)

    Step #5: Light The Candles. Light the black candle and say "All blocks are now removed." Then light the white candle and say "New possibilities are now open to me! As I wish so shall it be!"

    Step #6: Burn Your Scripted Intentions (probably outside in a fire safe container). Throw away the ashes safely and know that it is done. Keep the pyrite crystal to help remove the blocks.

Third Eye
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