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Third Eye

This Enchanted candle is handmade with the perfect energy in accordance to the moon. Mixed in with the wax is a Sodalite crystal bead, and peppermint essential oil. The crystal holds the enchanted energy charged into the candle. Wearing this crystal will allow you to carry the energy on you throughout the day, magnifying your frequency, and serving you as an affirmation. You can ship this crystal back, and I will create a necklace with it for you at a discounted rate. It will aid you in manifesting strong Mental Clarity, and exceptional communication skills.

Sodalite is known as "the Poet's Stone", creating a positive thought process, and articulation of it. It is a stone that works with the throat chakra, which is great for communication, creativity, and self-expression. Overall Sodalite creates an inner peace, and allows you to speak your truth in a calm way. 

You were divinely guided to this candle. It's time, manifest your desire!


prices listed are per (one) candle

Mental Clarity + Communication

    Third Eye
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