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Third Eye

This Enchanted candle is handmade with Soy wax. It will aid you in manifesting Prosperity, and abundance into your reality.

Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection, grounding, mental clarity, willpower, courage, power, self-confidence, and much more. It is a stone that is great in dispelling anxiety, and actually brings luck to the wearer. Primarily known as a stone of protection, and confidence, few are aware that this stone is also great for attracting money! 

You were divinely guided to this candle. It's time, manifest the Prosperity, Abundance, and Success you desire!


prices listed are per (one) candle


Prosperity and Abundance

  • Best day to burn: Thursday or Friday

    (Carve a dollar sign symbol on top of the candle with a toothpick)

    First you must connect with your Enchanted Candle. Start by sitting in a space that is peaceful, quiet, and that you're free from any distractions. Hold the candle, and imagine that you are in a bubble, and surrounded by the protecting white light of the cosmos. If possible, close your eyes. Tap into the candle, feel the energy that has been charged within it. Now use your willpower to call the energy that is within the energy into your being. Once you feel connected with the energy speak the chant.


    Repeat entire chant two times

    "Money, money, come to me,

    as I will so mote it be.

    Grant my wish, fulfill my need,

    I ask this out of love, not greed."

    (chant created by Ember Grant -Magical Candle Crafting, pg.148)

    You are ready to light the candle after the chant. Go on with life with the knowing that you're about to manifest your desires! Remember, the Universe works in mysterious ways!!

Third Eye
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