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Third Eye

This Enchanted candle is handmade with the perfect energy in accordance to the moon. Mixed in with the wax is a blend of essential oils, herbs, fairy dust, Rose Quartz crystal chips, and a quartz crystal. The crystals hold the enchanted energy charged into the candle. Wearing the crystals will allow you to carry the energy on you throughout the day, magnifying your frequency, and serving you as an affirmation. You can ship the crystals back, and I will create a necklace with it for you at a discounted rate, or you can keep them in your pocket. It will aid you in manifesting your desire even quicker.

Quartz is most commonly known to work with the crown chakra, but it can be programmed to the desired intention of your choice! In this case it's charged to Increase Affection in a current relationship. Both parties MUST want the same thing in this relationship for the candle to work best.

Rose Quartz is widely known as the "Love Stone". It opens the heart chakra, allowing you to see, and receive the love presented already! This is a great candle for an existing relationship to flourish with affection!


prices listed are per (one) candle

To Increase Affection

    Third Eye
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